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As the only UK company focusing exclusively on the digital experience of credit union members, we exist to help you provide the best member service possible, to grow your membership and increase your loan book. 

What We Do

CU Apps was formed in 2013 and developed the UK’s first mobile app and the first chatbot for credit unions. CU Apps specialises in expert design and implementation of native Android and iOS mobile banking applications and chatbots for credit unions.

We differ from competitors in our focus on outstanding quality for members, customer service for credit unions and commitment to making technology affordable for credit unions. We help credit unions meet and exceed their members expectations.

CU Apps is a dynamic company and are passionate about what we do. Our culture of constant improvement ensures that innovation and perfection are always our aims. Our attention to detail, customer focus and expertise mean that CU Apps is the perfect choice for any credit union wanting to implement a mobile application.

CU Apps is proud to help credit unions compete with large financial institutions and predatory lenders.

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Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

To drive credit unions to meet and exceed members expectations. To help credit unions compete with large financial institutions and predatory lenders. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

With a history of being innovators in the credit union space, CU Apps are a clear choice for any forward-thinking credit union. Our business model ensures that we’re always pushing to offer a stand-out experience for credit unions and their members. Helping credit unions grow their loan book and membership base.

Your Users are Our Users

We treat your members as if they are our customers. We make sure that our technology meets and exceeds members expectations by constantly improving our products. We make sure our customers are not left behind in a rapidly advancing technology focused world

What We Offer

CU Apps are proud to offer two core products to credit unions so that they can meet and exceed members expectations. We provide excellent support along the way to ease implementation and smooth any issues members or staff may encounter.  

Mobile App Development

Since forming in 2013, we have specialised in exceptional mobile app and member-facing technology for credit unions. 

Chatbots with secure live chat

Respond to members 24/7, grow your credit union  and reallocate staff resources with our industry-leading chatbot with secure live chat.


We know how important member-facing technology is to your credit union – reputation is everything! We don’t just respond to your needs. We go the extra mile to understand your issues and do everything in our power to actually make a difference. We respond quickly, respond well and ensure quick and efficient resolution of issues. Just ask any of our existing customers!

Thinking of starting a new credit union app or chatbot project?

Lets us know and get in touch for a free demonstration of how we can help your credit union. 

We help credit unions compete with predatory lenders by helping increase membership and loan applications while saving money through bespoke and affordable front end technology.