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Bob Intents

These are a list of intents the chatbot can answer

Account Fees
What account fees do you charge?

Background Checks
Do you do background checks?

Benefits Of CU
What are the benefits of being a member?

Change Account Detail
How do I change my address?

Change Payments
How do I change my payments?

Family Eligibility
Can my brother join?

Fraudulent Charge
What do I do if I have a fraudulent charge on my account?

How to Access Money
How do I access my money?

How to Join
How do I join?

How To Pay In
How do I pay in?

Interest Rate
What is your savings interest rate?

Is Data Safe
Is my data safe with you?

Junior Savings Info
Do you have a junior savings account?

Loan Calculator
How much is a £500 loan over 2 months?

Loan Products
What loans do you offer?

Nearest Branch
Where is my nearest branch?

Opening Times
When are you open?

Savings Accounts
What are your savings accounts?

What’s Your Name
What is your name?

When Does The Board Meet
When do you have board meetings?

Why Do I Need To Give Documents
Why are you asking me for documents?


Are Dividends Taxed
Do I pay taxes on my dividend?

Balance Enquiry
What is my balance?

Branch Location
Where are your branches?

Change Password
How do I change my password?

Contact Credit Union
How do I contact you?

Forgotten Member Number
What do I do if I’ve forgotten my member number?

Get Started

How Long Withdrawals
How long does it take to receive a withdrawal?

How To Apply Loan
How do I apply for a loan?

How To Log In
How do I login?

Identity Theft
I think someone has stolen my identity?

Is Credit Union Safe
Is my money safe with you?

Joining Eligibility
Am I eligible to join?

Loan Application Speed
How long will it take for me to hear back about my loan?

Loan Eligibility
Am I eligible to get a loan?

Mobile App
Do you have a mobile app?

Request Callback
Can someone get back to me?

Top Up Loans
Can I get a top up loan?

When Did The Credit Union Start
When were you founded?

Who Is The CEO
Who is your CEO?



Product Features

Your chatbot is set up to respond to your members’ queries 24/7/365. Utilise live chat to respond to members with complex queries during office hours.


Fully branded and ready to be deployed on your website, mobile app and Facebook Messenger

Continual support

We monitor your chatbot to make sure it’s updated and always relevant to your members 

Capture Leads

Interact with potential new members across all channels and capture their details



Using machine learning, your chatbot continually learns based on interactions with users